The 30-Second Fix for Tight Hip Flexors

- December 5, 2017



Tight hip flexors are a super common problem for people who sit a lot or do workouts involving a lot of repetitive leg movements. More:

And if you let those muscles remain tight and don’t stretch them, you can set yourself up for muscle imbalances and even low back pain. Doing something as easy as standing up after sitting for a short while can leave you hobbling.

Fortunately there are some simple exercises you can do to loosen up those tight hip flexors, and I’m going to demonstrate a couple of them in this video.

A couple of these exercises use a large heavy-duty elastic band, which you can find on Amazon or at most good sporting goods stores.

They involve a technique I call “flossing.” You wrap one end of the band around your leg and the other around a sturdy support. You can use the tension against your leg created by the band to help deepen the stretch in a technique called reciprocal inhibition.

The other stretch involves using a piece of furniture, such as a couch to support your leg, allowing you to more safely expand the stretch.

If you add these stretches into your daily routine they will make a big difference in your hip flexors. They’re also great to add to your workout recovery program.

Want more tips to feel more limber, or to round out your workout recovery routine? Be sure to check out these videos:

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Comments (33)

  • here's a few things for treating pain from hip flexor muscles naturally
    Gradually start walking further per day
    Try an anti-inflammatory diet
    Consider trying yoga lessons
    Checkout some online guides
    (I learned these and why they work on Fergs Pain Ease website )

    mile kobas - 1 week ago

  • If you have Circulatory issues? Then don’t worry here is the perfect solution for you [Check Details Here==> ]. Think of the hips as a barometer. The health and flexibility of your hip muscles are an indicator of the strength and health of our whole body.

    John Pullette - 3 weeks ago

  • The info in this video is great. Find out how to unlock your hip flexor here

    Amanda Brant - 2 months ago

  • Since doing this, i have felt more range in my hips and less back pain. Only if I do the stretch every other day or so. BUT!! The skin on my left quad now burns whenever I stretch it. Not in the hip flexor and not in the muscle. Specifically near the surface on the middle of the left quad, it's an intense stinging sensation.

    Matthew Senior - 5 months ago

  • Oh shit it's mr clean before he got ripped!

    Jeff Classen - 6 months ago

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