Hip Stretch – Unlock the hidden fire!

- December 5, 2017



Learn to unlock the fire from your pelvic region – responsible for fertility and sexual pleasure, stretch the hips and release the tension! Get your Kama Home Workout DVD at http://www.kamamovement.com

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  • the stretches have helped me conquer my bad hip problems, I hope this website helps http://bit.ly/2ystdci

    Yaro Williams - 1 days ago

  • My grandma just had hip surgery looking up hip exercises and come across this I think my grandma know that exercise or else I wouldn't be here.

    Treble Jarrett - 2 days ago

  • I unlocked something.....I don't know if it was fire.

    Make Mad Money - 3 days ago

  • Yeah. There sure was fire shooting out of my penis from this video. Thanks.

    Allen - 1 week ago

  • I was just looking to help my squat form... How did I end up here...

    Sam Gray - 2 weeks ago

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