Deck Review + Reading: Numerology Guidance

- December 6, 2017


Hello! I’m Amy. A Super FUN High Vibe Messenger For Spirit! I LOVE reading energy and channeling the messages that Spirit delivers to me. I’m a Psychic Counselor, Divine Past Life Channeler & Intuitive Energy Healer.
Thank you for stopping by my channel! Here you will find a fun and easy-going environment of ONLY Positive, Loving, Compassionate, Supportive and Open-Minded Souls.
In my playlists you can find all sorts of Readings, Channelings, Healings, Reviews and Insights that I have gained along my Souls’ Journey. All of the readings are general and are for everyone and anyone. And because energy and time is fluid, my readings can pertain to anyone at any time.

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♥Thank you for all of your Love and Positive Support that you so lovingly send to me! I appreciate each and everyone of you! Namaste~xo
☼☼So much Love & Gratitude to My Universal Spiritual Team for always providing me with their infinite protection, healing, wisdom and guidance, and for always channeling pure and honest messages through me for everyone’s highest good.

**All content on this channel is my highest truth directly channeled from my higher self and my spiritual team. So please lovingly take what you resonate with and kindly leave the rest. Blessed Be.**

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