What To Text Your Ex Boyfriend (And Make Him Want You Back)

- November 29, 2017



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  • I broke up with my ex years ago to marry someone else. my ex tried get me back it was too late. I Divorced after 7 years. He tried getting me back a 2nd time but I rejected. when I found out he moved on that's when it hit me. I found out they broke up and I can't stop thinking of him. he works with a mutual friend we know but hasn't asked her to say hi to me like be use to years ago. My question is how can I go about reaching out after I did all this dumping him rejecting?

    Tif - 2 weeks ago

  • Hey...what should i do my ex boyfriend tells me to move on over him...bt i still want him back
    And i have already done the dont's you have told to me

    Vaibhavi Khadge - 1 month ago

  • I did the mistake of pleasing him to come back and praising him...n now he likes another girl...can please help me out to get him back

    Vaibhavi Khadge - 1 month ago

  • Well the mistake was mine but not that huge that he'd just leave. It was like he needed a reason to leave so I gave him one. Its been 3 months since we haven't talked but I did beg at the first now I'm doing the no contact method . but he really doesn't care at all I don't know what to do. Need help please

    Mrs Ivi Perveen - 1 month ago

  • You're the best man

    Juni Patrick - 2 months ago

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