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- November 29, 2017



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The agony of a breakup is awful. I wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemies.

But sometimes pain is good.

It forces us to take pause. It forces us to re-evaluate. Like any great loss, it can actually help us put our lives in perspective and make it clear where to focus our energy next.

What about getting your ex back though? Is it possible?

Well…yes, it is…but let me warn you: it’s not for everyone.

For some couples though, getting back together after some time apart can be an incredible boost to creating a new, better relationship than before.

Maybe that’s you.

If so, in this video I’m going to show you the very first step to getting your ex back. If you don’t know where to turn next, I’ll show you EXACTLY what to say to win him back into your life.

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Comments (589)

  • Get ur ex back.u mean to say get ur shit back ! 😂😂

    V Dj - 0 days ago

  • I would ever call him, I imagine him saying "I don't care " don't call me again, bye. 😂😂😂

    Amila Muratović - 2 days ago

  • Nice

    Samantha Delmain - 3 days ago

  • What if your ex doesn't have Facebook/twitter/etc, they blocked your phone number, and they changed their Email address... What if you tried saying the scripted phrases via text/email after the month of no-contact and you were blocked as a result...Is it safe to assume the program is not going to work in this case? :(

    Jaci Petrik - 5 days ago

  • Wat should i do
    He just go frm my life just bcos of my past affairs
    Wat should i do
    Pls say m

    Puja Gupta - 6 days ago

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