How To Text Your Ex Back – Text Messages To Send Your Ex To Get Him Or Her Back!

- November 29, 2017


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Hey there, I’m Lisa Force with another relationship how-to video… this time, I’m going to share some text messages that you can send to your ex to make him or her want to get back together with you.

I’m a dating and relationship coach specializing in breakups and divorce, by the way… and if you’d like more guidance and tips on how to rekindle the romance with your ex, visit and watch the free full-length video.

Now, on to the texting…

First of all, allow me to explain why myself and many of the leading breakup experts suggest using text messages to communicate with your ex. There are 3 main advantages to texting:

1.) It allows you to think ahead and plan out your messages without being put on the spot… you can plan exactly what you’ll say in a text, unlike on the phone or in person where you might be thrown a curve ball by your ex and not know how to handle it or what to say.

2.) It’s casual and non-threatening, so your ex isn’t going to feel harassed or immediately assume that you’re contact them only to try and win them back. You don’t want your ex to know that getting back together is the real goal, and texting is a safer way to disguise your underlying motives.
3.) Your text will only be a few sentences long, but you can plant a powerful idea or message into the back of your ex’s mind that will spark their curiosity and make them actually WANT to reply to your message. Phone calls and conversations in person are always longer than a text message would be, so it’s much harder to create that sense of mystery and excitement when you’re having a longer discussion.”

So, those 3 advantages make texting a logical medium for re-establishing contact with your ex, and they’re great for kick-starting the process of re-building attraction.

BUT… there’s a caveat here… you can’t just send your ex any old message. Asking “whats up” or saying “hey how are you” is not going to make your ex want to reply or talk to you further, because it’s boring and dull. Do you want to hang out with someone whose text messages are that dull? Probably not, and your certainly ex won’t come running back to you because you asked them how their day was.

Simply put, you absolutely must not send any mundane, uninteresting, or dull messages to your ex. That applies to phone conversations and other forms of communication, too — you always want to say and do things that will make your ex smile or laugh or spark their curiosity.

Probably the best known breakup expert, Brad Browning, has come up with a few excellent texting concepts that work wonders to re-build your ex’s attraction and generate a reply. I’ll share two of his sample texts in this video, but if you want to see tons of other great message examples, click the link in the description below or visit to grab a copy of his “Ex Factor” program.

The first message is what Brad calls the “Good Reminder” text. Basically, this text is a quick way to let your ex know about something that might interest them. For example, you might say something like…

“Hey! Hope you’re doing well.. just messaging because I just saw an ad on TV about Gordon Ramsay! He’s doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble downtown next Saturday. Thought you’d like to know since you’re probably his biggest fan on the planet, haha! :-)”

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