Get your Ex back * Receive a Call or Text * Powerful Sleep Subliminal * Law of Attraction *

- November 29, 2017



Powerful sleep subliminal to get your ex back, receive a call, text or get them to contact you. This video uses subliminal messages, binaural beats and the law of attraction. Best results when used every day sleeping.

How to use for best results:
This video works for both Men and Women
Do Not use while driving or operating machinery
Use with or without headphones
You are in a relaxed state of mind
You are in a comfortable position
Watch / Listen to this video as you are going to sleep
Visualise being contacted by your ex
Hold this thought in your mind as you fall asleep
Let the video play for as long as possible

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Credits: Relaxing Piano Music Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Disclaimer: Our videos may contain flashing images and or binaural beats. If you have a pre existing medical condition or if you are unsure of a medical condition you should always seek advice from a professional medical practitioner before watching / listening to our videos. Do not watch / listen to our videos when driving or operating machinery.

Comments (24)

  • Proceed with caution # it does work, but I attracted back the wrong ex...😮 be sure to tell the universe which one. 🤗

    Authorinthemaking10 - 0 days ago

  • is this really work!???

    Neva Roy - 2 days ago


    A David - 3 days ago

  • Really hate that people put stupid ass replies! When ppl really hurt, they want help. Anyway hope it works for anyone seeking for their true love to return.

    Authorinthemaking10 - 4 days ago

  • This is just crazy!!! I swear on my life I’m listening to this a 8ish in the morning and my “ramdon” friend guy texted me. I’m like nooooooooo way. No wayyyyyyyyyy. Imma keep listening until I hear from my ex!🤗

    V U - 6 days ago

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