Manifestation Miracle Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

- November 28, 2017



Manifestation Miracle Frequently Asked Questions –FAQ
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1. What is Manifestation Miracle? This is the Internet’s very popular Self-improvement program on the use and application of the Law of Attraction. It is designed to help you immediately attract more success, wealth, and joy into your life…and isn’t that what we all strive towards?

2. Who created the MM product? Heather Mathews a well-known life & energy coach and transformational speaker created Manifestation Miracle

3. Is it time consuming to follow the program? Not at all. You will immediately feel great as The Manifestation Miracle program can be applied in just minutes per day.

4. How long before I feel a change in my life? Almost immediately. Just by reading the first short chapter of the book and completing the “Heart Storming” exercise raised my energy in a more productive and positive direction.

5. What is Destiny Tuning? Destiny Tuning is the process of learning to connect with and harness the power and essence of who you really are in order to create and attract the life you’d truly like to be living. For many of us, knowing what we truly want in life, and believing that it will come to be is the hardest part. Destiny Tuning is how you laser focus what you want to happen in your life. DESTINY TUNING IT THE KEY TO THE WHOLE PROGRAM!

6. How does Manifestation Miracle use the Law of Attraction? The Manifestation Miracle Program teaches the following: You are what you thing, feel, see, and vibrate. Manifestation Miracle gets you to focus on these 4 principles of the Law of Attraction and combines them with Destiny Tuning to super charge the manifestation process. Manifestation Miracle helps you to quickly begin to manifest your wants by guiding you to a higher energy level. The Law of Attraction has a magnetic power and attracts thoughts that share the same vibration and energy. Whatever you think about will continually flow towards you. It doesn’t matter if you are focusing on things you want or things you don’t want.

7. Is it difficult to use the program: No! Just follow along Heathers teachings and apply what you have discovered about yourself in the exercise! A few minutes per day will change your life.

8. Do I need this program to attract a more into my life? I’ll just say that it greatly helps! While you don’t need a Jet to get across the country, you’ll get there quicker with the jet then by walking the path alone!

9. Why is Intuition so important? Intuition is our innate “sixth sense” or gut level feeling. Feeling is a huge part of the manifestation process.

10. Is there a workbook? Yes! The workbook will help guide you through the process of manifesting and provide structure to your everyday use of the program.

11. Is there an audiobook version of the program? Yes! It’s included with the .pdf ebook. The Manifestation Miracle audiobook is in MP3 format what will allow you to put it on any electronic devise that plays mp3’s. This is a great feature as I constantly listen to the program while I’m commuting to work, running, walking, and working out.

12. Does Manifestation Miracle utilize meditation? Yes! Meditation and the Manifestation Miracle program will connect who are and what you truly desire.

13. Are Affirmations a part of the program? The program includes Affirmation Mind Tracks, Abundant Wealth, and Money Mindset which can be listen to anywhere at anytime.

14. What exactly is a MM vision board. The Manifestation Miracle Vision Board will help you visualize what you desire to come into your life. The more reminders around you of what you want to manifest into your life, the easier the manifestation process becomes.

15. Does MM utilize mindfulness. There are exercises designed to help you practice mindfulness.

16. What are your experiences with the program? Check out my articles about my experiences using the Manifestation Miracle Program!

17. How can I purchase the Manifestation Miracle Program? It’s and easy process! Just click the link below and you will be taken to the purchase page for Manifestation Miracle. It is offered through the ClickBank Network, a well respected internet marketing company.

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